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So what is Cloud Heaven?

I think to best describe the ideals you must first analyze the importance and philosophy behind free software.  It might be a lot to read, but if you take the time it could open your eyes to a whole new world of computing.

Free Software Foundation: What is free software? (really), and then something more – The GNU Manifesto

Now, you just need to tell me how we can get there.  Together we can make Cloud Heaven a reality!   I’m a bit lazy for now because things have been extremely slow on the site, but the concept is there.  We all just need to work on it.   I need help!  If you are still interested which you probably should be if you read up, then stick around the site for a while and register.

Read the original blurb for Cloud Heaven dot org below…

Have you ever wanted everything on your computer to just work and at the same time not worry about all of the technical stuff? Accomplishing this very daunting task is the goal of Cloud Heaven. Maybe you are one of the proud few that actually likes the technical side and has a desire to help others.  If so there is also a place for you in Cloud Heaven. The purpose of this project is to review cloud applications and provide options for moving to the cloud for the common computer user.  To accomplish true cloud heaven it requires leveraging free software initiatives married with cloud applications to get there.  Hopefully together we can find a place that is as close as one can get to reaching a point where computing becomes heavenly, while retaining only the good stuff everyone loves so much about computers.

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